Monday, 4 October 2010

Cat People (1942) - Film Review

This film starts with a woman called Irena drawing a panther at a local zoo. She throws the drawings at the bin to start over. She misses and catch’s the attention of Oliver Reed. The two get talking and he starts to walk her home. As they walk home Oliver flirts with Irena and she lets him into her home. They become partners and Irena tells Oliver of her fears about the past. She feels that if she kisses Oliver, she will turn into a giant cat. Oliver believes she is just being silly. They later on get married and Irena is sorry that she can’t finalise the wedding because of her fears. After a while Oliver gets fed up and they start to drift apart. Oliver gets close to his work friend, Alice Moore, who tells Oliver that she loves him, ands always has. Irena gets jealous and stalks Alice, trying to scare her and succeeding in doing so, almost like a cat playing with it’s pray. Irena visits the panther again and they key is left in the door to the cage. She takes the keys and takes it back to her apartment. She finds her psychologist there, Dr Louis Judd. He flirts with Irena and she turns into a panther and kills him.  Oliver goes back to the apartment and finds Dr Judd dead. Knowing it to be Irena, he goes looking for her, and finds her body on the floor of the zoo, where she had set the panther free.
I think that film is very interesting as it represents female desire and the beast within her desires. There are times in the film that she acts like a cat subconsciously.  For example she puts her hand in the bird cage and plays around with the frighten bird. It dies, and like a cat feeding a fellow cat. She throws the bird to the panther. She also frightens Alice, just like the bird, like teasing pray. Towards the end, her jealousy over powers her letting the beast within her, take control of her. I feel that this is has not influenced me as my hybridised animal is an insect and unfortunately, has nothing to do with panthers.

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