Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Metropolis review

The film “Metropolis” was directed by Fritz Lang.
Metropolis is a beautiful but strange science fiction action film which a little bit hard to understand in places. Metropolis has a lot of strange settings such as a scientist / Satanist with the satanic pentagram symbols all around his house while he is experimenting on a robot, a robot the suddenly out of the blue changes into a woman with realistic skin hair and all features and then death appears and slashes at the screen. The film is crazy  as agreed by a comment from The Guardian One of the Biggest, Strangest, Maddest films in cinema history the running time for this film is 2 hours and 33 minutes which is quite long in comparison to most films.

The film is visually gorgeous for its time the scene settings are very dramatically enhanced as the buildings seem really tall and the M-Machine which turns into a monster was very well done and the special effects particularly the scene where the robot comes to life although old still have a great impact. Which is in agreement with the TelegraphEighty-three years on, his (silent) vision remains impressive: the sheer scale of the sets, the rampaging cast of thousands, the groundbreaking special effects all still dazzle. An eternal masterpiece." Fritz Lange did a great job in that respect.

I highly recommend watching this film due to its visual influence and to see how it has influenced us in this day and age.

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