Friday, 26 November 2010

the wizard of oz

The film “The Wizard Of Oz” was directed by Victor Fleming.
The wizard of oz is absolutely beautiful visually. The vivid color brings out the wonder and excitingly magical settings. The tech went as far as to say the wizard of oz “is a brightly-colored, visually bold, rapidly paced extravaganza“ the strange fantasy film which everyone loves although now dated still remains one of the best films ever. Agreed by Richard Luck “the greatest children’s movie of all time”

It’s a great film and almost too camp to be true. Agreed with Times UK Enjoy it as both a magical fairytale and a delirious camp classic.The scene with the emerald city in the background in absolutely fabulous. the film has influenced us in the modern time greatly. The film deserves the statement by Sean Axmaker “More than a movie classic, it's an essential part of the popular culture.”

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