Saturday, 22 January 2011

Unit 4

Ok so in the paper draw for unit 4, i got as follows:

Character- Pirate
Setting     - Pet Shop
Prop        - Catapult

and so iv come up with four comical ideas using these guidelines. These are rough drawings if my ideas suck please tell me XD:

#1 I thought of a scene as a pirate tries to buy a new parrot with Aztec gold, but the shop owner doesn't accept this currency. so the pirate gets nasty!!! but never seems to have any luck in revenge.

#2 the pirate mouse searches for the secret pile of golden cheese, only to be stopped by the evil and rather hungry cats.

#3 the pirate cat lonely and bored wanders the pet shop in search of the sacred catfish, only to find that the catfish isn't half cat at all !!

#4 the pirate and his little pet shop boat gets attacked by the pirate (bully of the sea). As all hope seems lost the pets strike back with fur balls, bones and cheese in hand (paw).

please let me know what you think guys :)


  1. #1,#3 and #4 are the best ideas in my opinion. They have a good sense of humor to them and could look really well on the screen

  2. hehe thanks yeah im torn i think between the 4th and 1st

  3. you think? hmm ill make the stories more detailed and ask then i think

  4. Interim Online Review 15/02/2011

    Hey Conor,

    I'm disappointed there's nothing organised on here for your IOR - especially in light of the seriousness of our most recent conversation (14/02/2011). I don't know how you think you're meant to improve if I can't interact with you and your work creatively. And no essay intro on here either. Not good.

  5. Hi Conor,
    The first story is the most interesting, I will look forward in reviewing it in its entirety. If it is the same story when the pirate shoots the number 9 with his catapult and turns it into a 6, it will make for good story-boarding.