Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Company of wolves:

The film was directed by Neil Jordan.
The company of wolves is great horror film based around the story of “little red riding hood”, which viewers will soon come to realise the film is not for children. The company of wolves is a much more adult adaptation, which is in agreement with the review by Kristin Snouffer “The Company of wolves is for anyone who’s ever wanted a mature, stylised and intelligent take on the Big Bad Wolf” as this film uses a lot of sexual connotations. it shows wolves as being sexual beasts and predators trying to take the virginity of a blossoming young teenager reaching puberty.

As the film goes on it becomes more strange with each twist as the story is told within Rosaleens’ dream. And as the grandmother tells stories in her dream the film can get quite confusing and I agree with the review by DVD talk “ The company of wolves is probably something of a puzzle if  you don’t know what to expect.” I must admit I had a hard time understanding what the ending was about. But none the less a great film and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good  horror movie.

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