Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Elephant man:

The film “The elephant man” was directed by David Lynch.
The elephant man is a beautifully heart choking drama film based on the true story of “Joseph Merrick The Elephant Man”, about a man with an incurable disease that lead people to believe he was half man half elephant. The film is very moving and as The BBC says “It would take a heart of stone not to be moved by “The Elephant man” 

it is shown in this film that the public thought him a monster and as such he lived a terrible life of misery till discovered by Dr Frederick Treves. But even then Mr Merrick was a social outcast and as said in the review by Time Out “Appearances are all, and like the proverbial Victorian piano, he can make the social grade only if his ruder appendages are hidden from sensitive eyes; hence what is effectively, at his time of greatest happiness, his suicide.” in the end Joseph Merrick found peace only in his death. He committed suicide by trying to sleep like any other human being. This film is great for those who enjoy watching heart breaking sad films. I enjoyed this film very much.

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