Thursday, 21 October 2010


The film “Splice” was directed by Vincenzo Natali.
Splice is a beautiful unnerving science fiction horror film which doesn’t seem to have a particular category as agreed by a comment from Screen Rant “Splice is a hard movie to describe as far as for recommendation. it’s a cross between horror and sci-fi, and while its not terribly gory, it IS unsettling and defiantly deserves its R- rating” there are scenes of disturbing sexual content and a case in which Dren the Splice subject catches and eats a rabbit. 

Unfortunately towards the end the film get a bit predictable Which is in agreement to the Telegraph “Towards the end, the film romps into ever more schlocky territory, travelling in predictable arcs of disaster, but there is still enough originality and humour to make it worth seeing.“ and for some unknown reason Dren becomes male. It is unexplained in the film if Dren became male like the other splice subjects or if she gave birth, Clive being the father. The special effects however are great and despite the shady ending the film was fantastic.

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