Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1919)

The cabinet of Dr Caligari is a classic which uses a variety of horror methods to create a great movie. This is in agreement with (film4 review “With a zombie-like killer and twist-in-the-tale this anticipates everything from psychological thrillers to stalk ‘n’ slash.”)

This film although slightly hard to understand in places is visually spectacular. The angles in which the scenes backgrounds are placed really have a creepy essence to them. In some scenes the set is built in such a way that dramatically increases the depth in the buildings and such. Making them look much taller than they are. I am in agreement with this review statement by (Combustible Celluloid “there is hardly a right angle to be found in this film. It results in vivid, dreamlike logic and a terrifying lack of control.”)

The film has had a big influence in our time with its visuals such as most of Tim Burtons work e.g. the nightmare before Christmas which has disproportionate buildings and structures creating the creapy effect. This is in agreement with (The Project Booth reviewOne needn’t look far in the culture to see its manifestations.”)


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