Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Eraserhead made in 1977 which was directed by David Lynch is the most horrifying emotionally awakening film I think I have ever seen in my life. After asking others that have watched the film I have come to realise that the majority thought the film was disturbing, as it is hard to understand. Where as I understood the film completely making this film drastically more disturbing and the film for me was a mental puzzle which embodies true sadness, desperation and a feeling of imprisonment. I do not think a film has emotionally got through to me quite as much as this one has.and I agree with this comment “David Lynch's 1977 feature debut Eraserhead is one of those rare films that really deserves its cult status - a nightmarish, heavily symbolic story set in a postapocalyptic future.(Wendy Ide(2008))”

From every dark shadow to every decaying object the film portrays disgust greatly. I found so many hidden meanings in the film which would explain why I felt so distraught once the film had ended. The scenery make the film just that much more stomach curdling. The wall textures and objects are grotesquely great. Which is in agreement with “What a masterpiece of texture, a feat of artisanal attention, an ingenious assemblage of damp, dust, rock, wood, hair, flesh, metal, ooze.(Nathan Lee, (2007))” and “Time drips like old paint in Lynch's surreal experiment, that revels in all things upsetting, disorienting, dark, and mysterious.(Cole Smithy (2009))”

Eraserhead is not a film I would see again but am glad I have seen it. Its films like this that give horror a potent and true meaning.


  1. That poster you've used is a spoof. I'm pretty sure John Mccain didnt play Henry haha ;)

  2. Tom's right - but this is an obviously heartfelt review, conor - and i'm pleased it's on here.