Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Science lab


  1. Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

    Hey Conor,

    Not sure you could have been listening when we spoke yesterday after the movie; this is a 'green light' IOR, meaning you're asked to organise your work so I can see very clearly which concepts specifically you're interesting in taking further. How am I meant to respond to such a thin, generalised show of work, wherein you profess no clear interest or intention? Generally speaking, your childhood/chuch/science lab ideas might all have the potential to be very successful indeed, but I certainly can't derive any clear insight from this disappointingly poor body of work. I've said this many times to many people, but why upload such scruffy work to your own creative space? What kind of impression do you think you're making? Not a good one. From the look of many of your thumbnails it appears that, in each case, you're taking the content too far - with the pentagram and the knife in the table, for instance, you're moving your image away from ambiguity and into pure genre, which undoes any sense of its strangeness. Less is often more, Conor.

  2. There is NO research here - despite the host of links etc. on the brief and all the material available on myUCA etc. I suggest you actually dig in and do some conceptual legwork, Conor - I want to see much more evidence that you're actually thinking about this unit. I don't know what you're doing with your time, or where your attention is at, but it's not here - and it needs to be, or you and I will be having further discussions in regard to your continuing engagement with the course.

    You need to be prepping your Unit 3 assignment asap; see the link for guidance etc.


  3. Okay - your UNIT 2 re-sub critera is as follows

    1) You need to re-attempt ONE of the interior scenes and demonstrate very clear improvement in terms of perspectival drawing and digital painting. Use thumbnails to establish a strong composition and actively engage in improving your understanding of perspective while doing so. You have to show me evidence, Conor - that you want to improve, and that you have the necessary stamina in order to do so.

    2) I want to see ALL the creative development for this re-sub of the scene on your blog - and not at the last minute. Use your blog actively to seek my input and my support - and, importantly, the support of your classmates and wider creative community.